Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving 2017

Mr Bean Thanksgiving 2017
Happy Thanksgiving from Mr Bean, JC Leyendecker and myself. Looking forward to some great food tomorrow and a new year just around the bend.

Update: I went to see my surgeon today for my two week checkup since my back surgery and all is well. Healing super fast and I'm feeling so much better. I was concerned about having major surgery on my back as I watched my dad go through so much back in the 70s with his 4 fusions. Thankfully, they've come a long way since then and it was a relative breeze in comparison. Still a bit of healing to do but I'm already feeling much less pain behind my computer and have several new pieces in the making. I'm trying to spice things up a bit. I hope you like the new work. I'll be sharing a lot of new fresh work in the coming days and I have so much planned for the coming year.  

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great Thanksgiving Day!!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Vladimir Fedotko Featured Artist

Today I’m featuring an incredibly talented and unique artist who I recently connected with on facebook. His name is Vladimir Fedotko. His work in Photoshop is unlike any I’ve seen before, especially with his use of color and patterns. Somewhat reminiscent of Max Sauco’s work as far as the surrealism and astounding proficiency in Photoshop but with a brilliant use of color that I’ve not seen before. His use of patterns in his backgrounds reminds me a lot of the great Alphonse Mucha. This artist has taken Photoshop and photo manipulation to a whole new level though it is obviously more than mere manipulation of photographs. His use of patterns, his sense of color and composition are amazing.
One thing I see in his work as well is one thing my very first art teacher impressed upon me. The use of negative space and he certainly understands this. This guy has it all. Now, that being said, there are some of his images that may be considered a bit risqué but certainly not distasteful. I'll be watching this guy very closely and hopefully learn a bit from his pioneering style.
Vladimir Fedotko (Владимир Федотко) Born in Leningrad, photographer and photo manipulator currently lives and works in St. Petersburg, Russia. After discovering Adobe Photoshop in 2005, Fedotko has used a combination of traditional drawing, photography and computer processing to create his unique images. You can check out an archive of his work chronologically here: and if you’re on facebook, you’ll want to follow his profile here. Here are a few more of his amazing works:

I hope you enjoyed this preview of one uniquely talented artist and his vibrant and creative images. I can't wait to see what the future holds for this artist and his work after only a short time working in Photoshop.

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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Special Council Robert Mueller - Collusion Investigation

The sherif's in town! A quick caricature study of Special Council Robert Mueller in heading the collusion investigation which has been all over the news lately. I'm trying to get a few last minute images up on my web site before I go in next week for back surgery. Five more days. I'm ready to get this thing behind me. Wish me luck!

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Monday, October 30, 2017

Trump - Collusion Confusion

Big new this early this morning from Robert Mueller's investigation related to the Collusion Confusion with Donald Trump. One man arrested and more to come I'm sure. I've put together a little something for the occasion and your viewing pleasure. This features President Donald Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Special Council Robert Mueller as well as a rat, the smell of which brought all of this to the forefront. Stay tuned for more fun stuff. I'll try and get in a couple more pieces before going in the hospital next week for back surgery.

I hope you enjoyed. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

Friday, October 27, 2017

Humpty Trumpty

Humpty Trumpty
Every day I turn on the news and there's yet another story about President Trump and the headlines seem to just keep getting more absurd. I've been putting together a few new ideas on Trump themed images as I did so many times for former President Barack Obama and was talking to my neighbor about it. He suggested I do a Humpty Trumpty image so here it is. This is not fake news though. This is an actual photo of King Trumpty busting a yolk over his new wall. Ok, maybe I touched it up a little. I couldn't resist using an Asp Caterpillar for his hair. In fact, I didn't want to mess his hair up so I put his crown on the ground.

I ran across this rhyme on Mad magazine's site:

Trumpty Dumpty
A Nursery Rhyme Updated:

Humpty Trumpty
wanted a wall,

Lining the border,
30 feet tall.

The Mexican people
agreed with a lout,

“We’ll pay for the thing,
if it keeps
Trumpty out!”

I hope you got a laugh. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Trump Impeached

Trump Impeached
Ok, so I was searching something on the internet a few days ago and came across the term impeachment and to my surprise, almost all of the google images related to that term were specifically about "Trump Impeachment". I know I'll take some serious heat from my Republican friends on this post and suffer a hit to my social following but so be it. I'm not against Trump at all and for the majority of my life, I've voted conservative but you have to admit, Donald trump is far out of line and something needs to be done. Is impeachment the answer? I don't know but he is out of control on many issues. Regardless, I typically try to keep my political and religious views to myself, even though I do make posts with political content but this time I had to say how I feel about this man running our country. I would hope he could find it within himself to turn things around but I and many others including his own Republican Senators have either serious doubts or have lost hope. I know there is fake news out there on both sides. This is politics and it can get dirty but I try to watch both conservative and liberal news and my deduction after looking at both sides is that Donald Trump should not be in office. Is he really the best that this nation has to offer for out commander and chief? Is he the man to control our national security? Can I trust my children's future on his decisions? I wish he was but I'm afraid I can't. Feel free to post your views on this subject.

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Trump or Treat - Just in time for Halloween

Trump or Treat
It's the Season for Treason so Trump or Treat!! I'm throwing a bone to the Democrats today and will probably take flack from Republicans but it's Political Satire and this is the way it's always been. If it were a Democrat, he or she would get the same and I'm sure their time will come soon enough. I did plenty of these sort of images with Barack Obama over 8 years in office such as "The Nightmare Before Congress" featuring Former President Barack Obama. I was trying to think of what to do for Halloween as far as President Donald Trump is concerned and the "orange " pumpkin, Trumpkin came to mind. It was convenient as I didn't have to pull back the color saturation much on the orange... Ok, that was uncalled for but I couldn't resist. Below is an image I did a while back, "Dr Trumpenstein" which seems fitting for the occasion as well. So, don't take this too seriously. It's all in good fun. Join the "Nightmare Before Congress" movement today and get your Trumpkin before its too late. Sorry for all of the puns.
Dr Trumpenstein
Happy Halloween!

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Friday, October 20, 2017

Happy Birthday Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg
I'm reposting this image of Snoop Dogg which was originally a commissioned work for and FHM Magazine feature on his Birthday. Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. (born October 20, 1971), known professionally as Snoop Dogg (sometimes shortened to Snoop and formerly called Snoop Doggy Dogg and Snoop Lion), is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer and actor. (Read more)...
Plizzanet Earth with Snoop Dogg

Happy Birthday Snoop Dogg!!


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